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Why stress, fear trigger heart attacks

Why stress, fear trigger heart attacks


In a first, scientists have come up with an explanation to why a sudden shock, stress and fear may trigger heart attack and they found that multiple bacterial species living as biofilms on arterial walls could hold the key to such attacks.

Hormones released during these events appear to cause bacterial biofilms on arterial walls to disperse, allowing plaque deposits to rupture into the bloodstream, the findings showed.

Because the biofilms are closely bound to arterial plaque, the dispersal of a biofilm could cause sudden release of the surrounding arterial plaque, triggering a heart attack.

"Our hypothesis fitted with the observation that heart attack and stroke often occur following an event where elevated levels of catecholamine hormones are released into the blood and tissues, such as occurs during sudden emotional shock or stress, sudden exertion or over-exertion," said David Davies of Binghamton University in the US.

The researchers isolated and cultured different species of bacteria from diseased carotid arteries that had been removed from patients with atherosclerosis.

Their results showed multiple bacterial species living as biofilms in the walls of every atherosclerotic (plaque-covered) carotid artery tested.

The researchers added norepinephrine, at a level that would be found in the body following stress or exertion, to biofilms formed on the inner walls of silicone tubing.

"At least one species of bacteria - Pseudomonas aeruginosa - commonly associated with carotid arteries in our studies, was able to undergo a biofilm dispersion response when exposed to norepinephrine, a hormone responsible for the fight-or-flight response in humans," Davies stated.
7 worst sexual fears of men

Men have certain anxieties when it comes to their performance in bed. Expert Sex Therapist and Relationship Counsellor Dr Rajan Bhonsle tells us more about them... Men might seem to be quite active and vocal, much more than women, especially when it comes to sexual matters. However, they are not too far from anxieties and fears when it comes to their sexuality. Here's a list of the common sexual fears that men face and the reasons...

1. Fear of impotence: 'Anxiety about impotence' ranks first in the order of prevalence, in all the sexual fears that men bear. Ironically, the fear itself is the greatest cause of impotence. In 90 per cent cases of impotencies the cause is psychogenic. Only in 10 per cent of cases the cause is biological.

There is no possible way a man can 'will' to have an erection. We cannot will to have saliva or tears flow either. These things happen on their own in response to situations. One may involve oneself in foreplay, without spectatoring at the organ, and the erection happens on its own accord. Behind the fear of failure to get erection is a fundamental anxiety -the fear of being rejected. The partner's understanding and cooperation plays a very important role in getting over the psychogenic impotence.

2. Fear of insatiable sexual demands: The image of the 'insatiable woman' is a creation of contemporary literature and movies, plus much of the rhetoric accompanying the woman's liberation movement. The truth is, that there is a wide variation of sexual needs among both women and men. One of the freedoms today's women have achieved, is the knowledge that their bodies are their own, and they need not give in to a man's sexual demands, if they don't desire so. It will be equally relieving for men to know that they are under no such obligation either. As men and women learn to accept each other as equals and realise that each has individual sexual needs, this fear will certainly decrease.

3. Fear of losing self-control: Many men who feel that they love their wives and care for their marital commitment, carry the fear of getting attracted to other women. It is physiological for a man to get attracted to some women who fit into his criterions of sex appeal. Many men carry the guilt for such secret infatuations and fantasies. Many others fear that they may not be able to control themselves if they happen to be in an inviting situation. They doubt their ability to be in charge of their sexual urges, if a tempting opportunity comes their way. The anxiety of losing their relationship with their wife haunts them every time they meet attractive women. It becomes a constant struggle to balance their libidinous urges and their commitment in the marriage. These husbands need to realise that they are relating at a very superficial level of understanding and commitment. Infidelity is invariably the result of insincere and irresponsible attitudes towards the marital bond.

4. Fear that the wife may become interested in someone else: The domineering husband, who believes he owns his wife, does not want to lose her for anyone else. He constantly feels that her infidelity is just a matter of right opportunity. It is the wound of his own inadequacy that makes him suffer this fear. The feeling of possessiveness, so much a part of the male mentality, and the jealousy which proceeds inevitably from this feeling, have been the cause of endless suffering and aggression. It is necessary to change the perspective of this man. A wife who understands this and works silently to reassure him, has a better chance for a happy and lasting relationship than one who responds to his jealousy with anger, aggression and exasperation.

5. Fear of not being normal: Many men want to know if they resemble other men in their sexual behavior and if whatever they do sexually is the accepted 'normal' way to have sex. What should matter is whether you are hurting yourself or your partner with your sexual behavior. If both partners enjoy equally the act is right.

6. Fear of 'Premature Ejaculation': The cause of premature ejaculation is almost always psychogenic. This problem is seen in men of all ages, and anxiety over possible repetition often becomes another self-fulfilling prophecy. The brain gets the signal that release is imminent, but for various emotional reasons the normal inhibiting mechanism fails. Some men try to slow things down by using anesthetic applications, tranquilizers, elastic bands or double condoms, none of which help the anxiety, the overriding issue here. With the help of an understanding and cooperative partner it is possible to help oneself by analysing their difficulty, pinpointing the psychic element, and then learning to exercise control.

7. Fear of 'small' size of penis: Large number of men carry the complex of small penile size. The size is invariably thought to be the parameter for one's manliness and one's ability to satisfy his partner. First of all, the woman's satisfaction does not depend on the size of the penis. On the contrary, too big can be a problem, in that it could hurt the partner. The fact is, that only the outer 1/3rd of the woman's vagina (approximately 3 to 5 cms) is sensitive to sexual stimuli. So, it doesn't matter to a woman how deep one reaches during the intercourse. If an erect penis has a size of five inches, which everyone has, it is enough for him to satisfy his woman. It is not the size, but what you do with what you have, that truly counts.

A common, mistaken belief that a flaccid penis gains in size proportionately when it gets erect, causes this fear. The fact is, though all the penises are different in their flaccid state, become much more similar in size, when they get erect. Also, one tends to find his penis small as it is always seen from above, a wrong angle to judge the length; as against that of others, which is observed from one side or from the front.

Responding to such sexual fears with a mature self-understanding and cooperating partner, is the first and the most important step, and often nothing more may be required. If however, the fears persist, help of a professional 'sex and relationship counsellor' may be needed.
In the last few months, Xiaomi has witnessed an unprecedented growth, thanks to its budget android smartphones which have created a frenzy in parts of Asia. The company has already surpassed many tech biggies in terms of sales and revenue generated.
According to latest reports pouring in, Xiaomi is working upon a 9.2 inch android tablet that is currently code-named Xiaomi 2014811. The new mystery device was recently spotted at the GFXBench.

The device boasts of a 1280 x 720 pixels resolution, 5 finger gesture control, 8 GB internal storage and a 1 GB RAM. The tablet also includes a 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor and an Adreno 306 GPU. It is a single SIM device and will run on Android 4.4.4 OS.

It is not known whether Xiaomi will release its new tablet in India anytime soon, as the Mi Pad and the RedMi Note aren’t yet available in India.

While some believe that Xiaomi may soon bring its complete device line-up to India, there are others who think that the Chinese brand may take it slow or avoid launching every Xiaomi device in the country.
Whatever be the case, people will surely want to lay hands on a 9.2 inch Xiaomi device, considering the fact that the company prices the gadgets so cheap.
Music Director Yuvan Shankar Raja to marry Zafrun Nizar

Music director Yuvan Shankar Raja (Abdul Haliq), the ‘Junior Maestro’, is all set to get married for the third time. Despite his hugely successful career as a music director, Yuvan’s personal life has witnessed many upheavals so far. In an apparent effort to put it back on track, he is now all set to try his hand at matrimony for the third time now.
Yuvan first married London-based playback singer Sujaya, with whom he had fallen in love, in 2005 but the couple developed lots of misunderstandings between them and finally divorced in 2008. Three years later, Yuvan married Shilpa Mohan in Tirupathi on 01st September, 2011.
However, he had no luck with his second marriage as differences creeped up between him and Shilpa resulting in the latter vacating from Yuvan’s residence. In the meantime, Yuvan’s mother passed away which sent Yuvan in a depressed mood and to come out of it, he was convinced by some of his friends to convert to Islam. Reportedly Yuvan changed his name to Abdul Haliq.

Now the latest news is , Yuvan would get married to Zafrun Nizar of Keezhakarai in Ramanathapuram District in December. Zafrun Nizar is a fashion designer based in Dubai. The marriage is likely to take place in the first week of December in Dubai. We can only wish Yuvan good luck in his new spell of life!
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Kanni rasi palan is the zodiac sun sign which has unique options as the key tool. In Jothidam, rasi palan is the most advanced language. It has all methods and features which has been insisted in the horoscope birth chart of every native person.

Mesha rasi Palan 2013 This year is going to be very exciting for people born in Mesha rasi. The planets Uranus and Jupiter are in a position to bring then a change in their life soon. Love Rasi: Marriage will be settled this year for those who are...

2013 in Tamil panchangam. & Rasi Palan:

Mesha rasi palan 2014

Rishaba rasi palan 2014

Mithuna rasi palan 2014

Kadaga rasi palan 2014

Simha rasi palan 2014

Kanni rasi palan 2014

Thula rasi palan 2014

Viruchigam rasi palan 2014

TITLE: Raasi Palan,
category : Sun TV,

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